The function of the nose is based on a complicated interplay of nasal physiology and anatomy. Anatomical distortions such as a "septal deviation" or "turbinate hypertrophy" can often play a critical underlying role in nasal issues. The "sinuses," which are cavities within the facial skeleton, can become obstructed and work less efficiently to drain. This process can lead to a phenomenon called "Chronic Sinusitis," which is treated sometimes with medicine, sometimes surgery and at times a combination of the two. Endoscopic Sinus Surgery has paved the way for minimally invasive techniques to improve sinus function and eradicate disease without the need of any external incisions.

Nasal trauma and distortion of the bony and cartilaginous architecture can lead to difficult nasal breathing and occasionally, undesirable cosmetic appearances. These types of issues can be associated with other chronic nasal problems such as "Allergic Rhinitis" and or "Chronic Sinusitis."

By combining evidence-based medicine practices, time-tested and newly designed surgical techniques, our practice strives to address your nasal/sinus needs.